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“There is no better Spanish immersion program for toddlers in the Austin area! We enrolled our son in the Spanish immersion program last August and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Mara and the excellent team of teachers at Olas are all loving, patient, energetic and engaging. Not only is my son entertained in a safe environment, but he has also learned a great amount in a short time. My 2 year old recognizes the numbers up to 20 and the entire alphabet in Spanish; he is able to recite the months of the year, the days of the week and knows multiple songs and rhymes in Spanish. The teachers have developed a great curriculum and know how to reinforce the language skills in an age appropriate manner. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a Spanish immersion program for pre-school age children”

– Maria S.

Olas has been the most amazing find for our family.  My daughter started going to Olas at just 18 months old.  We started her just 2 hours a week, and slowly increased to 12 hours a week as she got older.  She will be moving on to PreK after this summer.  She is 3.5 and I can honestly say she is bilingual.  She fully understands everything in Spanish.  Her comprehension is amazing.  Her pronunciation is beautiful, and all this with just 12 hours a week of classes.  She basically learned English and Spanish at the same time seamlessly at Olas.  The teachers a top notch!  There were many times my daughter had a rough time going to school, or was having some separation anxiety, and the teachers were able to help her through it.  They are the most LOVING and kinda people you will ever meet.  The school is just filled with so much love and happiness, and you feel it the moment you walk in.  My son started going there as well a few times a week and during the summers.  Unfortunately, I didn’t discover Olas until after my daughter was born.  However, in the short amount of time he attended his Spanish improved tremendously.  Even though he goes to Magellan now, we still use Olas during the summer for camps and classes to reinforce his Spanish during the summer months.  I cannot say enough good things about Olas.  It is, hands down, the best Spanish Immersion school in Austin.

-Vanessa L

“We LOVE Olas and the TEACHERS so, so much. I am so glad I found Olas. It truly is an amazing & special place. You are helping my dream of my children being bilingual come true. I only wish I had started early. I am so impressed, and amazed beyond what I thought with their language learning. They are truly bilingual already!!! Gracias Maestras”

-Hillary M



“I love Olas so much and have never met a better group of teachers (…). Olas really needs to open a kindergarten. This would solve all my problems :-)”

– Lisa C.

“Our daughter attended Spanish Immersion Schools for two years before we decided to move her into a public school for Pre-K. We don’t speak Spanish at home and we wanted our daughter to continue to be immersed in the Spanish language. We had her go to class twice a week at Olas and the classes have helped her keep her Spanish comprehension. The teachers at Olas have been able to get our daughter to comfortably talk in Spanish. The staff is friendly, upbeat, and I have loved the way they strongly encourage our daughter to use Spanish before, during, and after class.”

-Dana D.

“Our daughter has been attending Olas Spanish School for about a year. Mara Vidal’s classes are a lot of fun and a very effective way of teaching Spanish. Mara engages the kids in all sorts of activities, songs, and games. Her teaching style is very energetic and friendly, while maintaining a strict policy of only Spanish in the class. Kids find themselves speaking and writing Spanish before they know it! Mara is a rare teacher with a lot of passion and energy. The kids in her class adore her; our daughter looks forward to the two afternoon Spanish classes. We are fortunate that friends of ours referred us to Mara. Try out this class if you’d like your child to learn Spanish in a sweet and fun way.”

– Cecilia B.

“We love Olas! Our daughter started at Olas when she was two and a half. She is three now and has learned so much Spanish! I am very impressed. Plus, she loves it. She is always so excited to see Miss Mara and Miss Andrea. The singing and games that they introduce the kids to in class really seem to keep the kids interested! Plus, the classes are small so the kids get lots of one on one time.”

– Dana S.

“My son started attending Olas Spanish School last year. He was 4. After a month taking classes with Mara Vidal, I saw a great improvement in his Spanish skills. Mara has a fantastic approach to teach Spanish. She is energetic, fun, and teaches their students with passion. I looked for a Spanish class for my children for a long time before joining Olas Spanish School. I chose Olas because is definitely the best Spanish School in town. My son, after one year of weekly classes, can read and write in Spanish. I currently enrolled my 18 month girl as well. If you want a great Spanish language education for your children in a convenient location with a fabulous teacher, you MUST go to Olas Spanish School.”

– Paola B.

“Olas Spanish is a wonderful Spanish school! My 5 years old son has been taking Spanish classes for almost one year with Mara, and he really loves her classes. I really like her positive attitude and energy, and the way she makes learning Spanish so much fun for the kids. I believe that is the reason why her classes are so effective. The classes are full immersion and my son is learning a lot. I’m really impressed! The class sizes are small which contribute to a more effective learning. The classroom have lots of toys and books that the kids love. I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend Olas Spanish Immersion.”

– Tania B.

“Small class size, great personal connection between child and teacher, Montessori style approach to learning, flexible scheduling, and I haven’t even yet mentioned that it is a Spanish Immersion school too! All these features combined has made it an obvious choice for us. In April, soon after my daughter turned three, we met with Ms. Mara, Director and Owner of Olas Spanish Immersion School. She made my daughter feel very comfortable and formed an immediate bond. The small class size, the numerous activities, and the two-hour class slot was perfect for my daughter. Soon, she began speaking Spanish with confidence and with enjoyment. She looks forward to going to class to see Ms. Mara and the other teachers and she has a sense of pride knowing that she and I and others can converse in more than one language. The other advantage to Olas Spanish Immersion School is that it also works closely with a Chinese language program housed in the same building. They transfer children from one program to the other during the day seamlessly as if it were all under the same program.”

– Angela P.

“Our kids love Olas Spanish Immersion. Mara is the quintessential preschool teacher — energetic, warm, and never without a smile. My children took to her immediately. We were so pleased with our 2-year-old daughter’s experience that we started our son with Mara at 9 months old! We highly recommend her and her program.”

– Christina B.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with Olas Spanish. Ms. Mara approaches each class with endless enthusiasm and energy, and Alex, my two-year-old son, has learned so much this year. He always leaves class with a smile on his face.”

– Hilary S.

“We are an English-speaking family commited to raising biligual children. Finding Mara Vidal and Olas Spanish Immersion School was like finding an oasis in the dessert. My children are speaking and writing Spanish, and they love to go to class. Thank you for helping us open the world to our children.”

– Natalie N.

“I want to turn you on to a really fine Spanish instructor, Mara Vidal. My children adore her and loved learning Spanish with her. Her genuine love for children and teaching really comes through.”

-Jennifer G.

“Mara has been teaching our two-year old for about six months now and we pulled him out of a Spanish day-care school because she does a much better job with individual attention! She is upbeat and always cheerful. She brings different educational toys and books every lesson to keep it fresh. My son really enjoys her voice and they sing Spanish songs often. I am thrilled we found Mara and have passed her on to friends who feel the same way about teaching their four year old and 19-month old in two different settings.”
– Laurie C.

“Mara has been teaching Spanish to our 11-month son for the last four months. Currently she is working with him approximately 10 hours per week as we are particularly interested for our son to have an impressive experience of Spanish at this very young age. We have found Mara to be extremely professional and we recommend her highly. She is very smart and has a lot of experience working with kids at a variety of ages. Lucas loves being with her and she is able to keep him engaged for up to 3 hours at a time, which is not small feat with an 11-month old child.”
– Mike O.