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Lisset Vidal

Assistant School Director/Instructor

Lisset Vidal was born in Havana, Cuba and at the early age of 8 moved to the Canary Island, Spain. This would not be her last destination and at the age of 14 Lisset arrived to Miami, Florida to start her journey in this beautiful country. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Communications at Florida International University (FIU) in 2017. Afterwards, she moved to New York to create new experiences in this multicultural city. After living in these 2 big cities where Spanish is the second most common language, she decided to give a change to her life and moved to the innovative city of Austin, TX.

Lisset already knew the importance of being bilingual in this country and Olas gave her the opportunity to teach this magnificent language to children. She is really passionate about teaching the Spanish language to young children to enhance their future. Lisset is always enthusiastic when teaching and love to make classes interactive and dynamic so the young ones learn in a very intuitive and fun way.