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Class Formats

Olas Spanish Immersion School offers the following class formats. You can enroll in our school at any time of the year. Call to 512-909-9065 or write to info@olasspanish.com to schedule a Free Demo Class

Class Formats

Olas Spanish Immersion School offers distinct instruction to many types of students through the following class formats

Mommy and me

When we have the interest, we offer Mommy and me classes that introduce the Spanish language to young children. Dads and other family members are welcome too!

Learn more about our Mommy and Me classes.

Pre-School Immersion

One of our main areas of focus is our immersion-based pre-school program. With our pre-school immersion students, we take advantage of young children’s unique abilities to develop listening and speaking skills through exposure and engagement. Students develop these skills in a way that mimics the way that they acquire their native language. They learn through imitation, repetition, songs, games, and a variety of other carefully designed activities.

Learn more about our Pre-School Immersion.

Elementary Immersion
Elementary students learn listening and speaking skills through a variety of means, including conversation, and subject-based lessons in math, history, geography, and arts and crafts.

Learn more about our Elementary Program.

Adult Classes

Our adult classes use elements of hispanic culture, including cinema, literature and photography, to enhance our students’ understanding of the Spanish language and strengthen their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Classes are divided based on student’s ability in the language.

Learn more about our Adult Classes.

Traveling Program

We offer classes at private and public schools throughout the Austin area. Please, contact us at info@olasspanish.com if you are interested in having Spanish classes at your school.

Learn more about our Traveling Program.