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Mirelys Alvarez


Mirelys Alvarez was born in the city of Pinar del Río, Cuba. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the College of Medical Sciences in his hometown. After graduating, she traveled to Venezuela to work for a few years. While working as a doctor she discovered her passion for children while working in children’s centers. In 2018 Mirelys traveled to the USA with her husband, and since then, she has been receiving training as a Spanish teacher for children.

In the summer of 2019 Mirelys worked at Olas Spanish School as an assistant teacher and it is not until 2022 that she starts as a full-time teacher as part of the Olas family.

Mirelys has a great passion for children’s education. She has a variety of tools in her teaching arsenal that maximizes her students’ learning potential. She focuses on learning her students’ preferences and what works best for them.  Children begin to speak Spanish in her classes without realizing it, while enjoying the activities they like to do the most.

Mirelys is an example of how a passionate teacher can inspire and engage her students in a fun and contagious way.