Olas Spanish Immersion School offers Spanish Classes for Adults with or without children at Olas. There are three levels of classes; Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. We offer these classes throughout the week in the afternoons and Saturday mornings, this way you can take these adult courses while your children are taking immersion classes! Contact us at if you are interested in our classes for the summer session or fall semester.

Olas Adult Classes

The Spanish immersion adult classes at Olas are exciting, interactive, and personal. Whether you wish to learn Spanish from scratch or develop on your existing Spanish skills. There are several types of courses to choose from; ranging from beginner to advanced. Now, you just have to decide which course to take. We will travel throughout various Latin American cultures to promote a real Spanish experience. Music, cinema, and literature are all bases for our classes and will promote creative conversations. Olas classes are designed for our students to reach fluency through a cultural context. We have three levels of classes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced; so that each student can progress at their own pace.

Is designed exclusively for those who have never studied Spanish or with very limited exposure to the language. This course provides practical vocabulary and basic grammar that with help students in building fundamental skills for communication..

Is intended for those who have studied Spanish and are taking the next step in learning the language.  This course continues the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that will improve comprehension and fluency in the Spanish language. Each lesson will introduce supplementary vocabulary and more complex grammatical rules. We will put what we learn into practice by using everyday situations. The extended grammar and vocabulary will allow you to talk and write about a wider range of subjects. Classes will be aided and enhanced by video presentations related to Spain and Latin America. This approach is intended to promote cultural awareness.

Is meant for those students who speak and write in Spanish and want to perfect it by incorporating advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary. Engaging class conversation and direct exposure to real communication will be key in building confidence and fluency. This course integrates literature, cinema, television, and music. Other subjects such as appreciation of the art and more specialized topics such as photography will be included as well. Through film screening, assigned readings, songs, and particular episodes from TV series, students will develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

We will maintain a small class size to establish a personalized relation between the teacher and the students. The classes will meet once a week.

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