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Angela P.

“Small class size, great personal connection between child and teacher, Montessori style approach to learning, flexible scheduling, and I haven’t even yet mentioned that it is a Spanish Immersion school too! All these features combined has made it an obvious choice for us. In April, soon after my daughter turned three, we met with Ms. Mara, Director and Owner of Olas Spanish Immersion School. She made my daughter feel very comfortable and formed an immediate bond. The small class size, the numerous activities, and the two-hour class slot was perfect for my daughter. Soon, she began speaking Spanish with confidence and with enjoyment. She looks forward to going to class to see Ms. Mara and the other teachers and she has a sense of pride knowing that she and I and others can converse in more than one language. The other advantage to Olas Spanish Immersion School is that it also works closely with a Chinese language program housed in the same building. They transfer children from one program to the other during the day seamlessly as if it were all under the same program.”

– Angela P.