Olas Spanish School

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Welcome to Olas Spanish Immersion School

Olas Spanish Immersion is a Spanish language school based in Austin, Texas. Our school will provide your child with the opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language and Latin culture.

We focus on a young child's ability to absorb a second language. They will acquire the sounds, intonation and rules intuitively, in a holistic home-like environment, as they did learn their native language. At Olas Spanish we strive to create an unforgettable learning experience to enrich the children's lives.

Students are immediately engaged in a variety of interactive classes presented by experienced and enthusiastic native speaking instructors. Children absorb Spanish through songs, movements, arts & crafts, puppet shows, drama, story telling, and traditional games and activities in a true immersion manner.

Our year round school is divided in Spring semester, Summer session and Fall semester. You can enroll your child in Olas Spanish Immersion at any time of the year. We have classes from Monday through Saturday. You can pick what days/times work best for you. Please, contact us for information about tuition, scheduling, and availability.

Visit our school and attend a free trial class! 

We also hold Adult Spanish classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, please contact us for more information.